Complaint to the Senior Inspector of Police, Sion against the Landgrabbers

To The Senior Inspector of Police Date:

07/10/2010 Sion Police Station Sion,Mumbai .

Sub: Complaint against:

1) Mr. Kumar (aka: Mr.Gopa gopinath kumar ) . Ex Resident of: 4th floor, Flat no: 402, building no: 5, Mahada Colony,Swedeshi mill road,Chunnabatti.

2) Mr.Babulal Verma Director (Omkar Developers)

3) Runwal Builders Offence committed: Breach of Peace, Illegal Trespass, cheating, fraud and threats to life and assault, Attempt to commit murders, and Criminal Breach of Trust by Mr. Kumar. Section: 120B , 145 , 146 , 147 , 148 , 149 , 150 , 153A , 158 , 192 , 195A , 295 , 295A , 296 , 307 , 326 , 350 , 420 , 406 , 408 , 441 , 451 , 452 , 467 , 468 , 469 , 471 , 477 , 506II .

Respected Sir,

I Mr. Ekesh Desai want to bring to your notice that the above said person had committed the above said offences against the devotees of the temple – Shree Krishna Temple, Sion. In accordance to that I want to register my written complaint / FIR on behalf of all the devotees of the said temple against the above said persons and the companies. I say that I am the trustee of Shree Ramanugrah Trust and had participated actively , along with countless other devotees – and had also donated and helped the temple in various ways to protect the religious feelings and the pious sanctity of our ancient SANATAN ( Hindu ) religion .I say that it was brought to our notice by the devotees and the pundits of the said temple that the above said persons – in collusion and conspiracy with / by each other are trying to demolish the said temple by illegal means ,without giving opportunity for defense and prove our contention. Shree Ramanugrah Trust is propagating all religions by renovation and maintenance of temples which have historical, mythological and religious importance. The trust is self funded by its own trustees and the trustees are themselves devoting their time and money for sacred purpose. It is also been noticed that important documents – related to temples – leading us to believe that the said temples have been in existence for more than hundred years and there is a great astha of the Hindus due to several anecdotal stories and myths relating to this ‘stahl ‘ . The idols of the temple and the style of the sculptures itself proves that the said temple is a part of antiquity. The said temple is also part and parcel of the Sion fort – which is adjacent and touching the Sion fort precincts of Shivaji Maharaj’s times .There are several histories and related myths which proves that this temple is one of unique piece and known for its various miracles as a ‘jaagrut sthaan‘which requires to be marked as a sacred heritage precints . I say that the ‘Shri Kshetra‘ now called ‘Shri Krishna Mandir kshetra‘ is one of the most ancient spiritually geographical sites in the island city, which is situated and located in the heart of Mumbai, which is bang opposite to Sion talab. There has been an un-broken and continuous belief – based on oral traditions – over generations, of / by people for – many thousands of years – about this spiritual place.

The traditional importance of this spriritual site was supposed to be because this was place blessed by lord Shiva himself. Before the modern city of Mumbai – that we see today – was formed, this place was in existence even before Maa bhagwati (in the form of Mumbadevi) established herself – in Mumbai. Before the Eastern express highway cut through this sacred land, this was one continuous un-interrupted spiritual place, which had seven sacred ponds (talavs) around it, of which only one survives today. This place which is called SION now-a-days is even today called “SHIV” in Maharashtra, because of the ancient legends that this was a place dear to and hence blessed by lord Shiva himself. Hence Maa Bhawani (Shakti) became very fond of this place, too. Today eastern express highway has cut this land leaving a solitary pond and a Shiv temple on the northern side of the highway and Shri Krishna , Maa Bhawani , Shanishwar, Ganapati Brhmarakshas and Naag devtaa and Naag Devi on the southern side of the highway. This place was so sacred, that even the early Maratha rulers had preserved it and made a small fort on top of the hill. Later, the Portuguese invaders took over the hill and expanded the fort like all other ancient Indian spiritual places. These sites have quietly and helplessly witnessed a lot of changes taking place in and around its vicinity. The growth of modern Mumbai has put continuous pressure on this ever-shrinking ‘kshetra / sthal’. There is also a belief that Maa Bhawani’s seven “sakhis “(companions) – Atmaas are even today around this temple complex – protecting it. It is also believed that the filling up of one of the ponds under the hill, by various encroachers have made these seven “Stree Punya Atmaas“extremely unhappy. This place was in ruins for many years and all the idols and relics were in a very battered and desecrated state. Whenever the relics were found, many people over a period of time kept doing their pujas and prayers- informally. A couple of years ago, Shree Ramanugrah Trust heard about the battered condition of ruins and stepped in to renovate and maintain the upkeep of this place. This was done at the request of the temple priests and Mr. Kumar. Mr. Kumar approached the trust and requested to invest into repairing the temple and to further maintain the premises in future.

It was agreed that Mr. Kumar will not interfere into the working of the temple and also the said understanding went under the presumption that the objective is to save the Temple and maintain it in good condition and that not create any third party interest and not to alienate the property on which the temple stood. On the said understanding Shree Ramanugrah Trust on request of Mr. Kumar donated huge sums of monies for benefit of the devotees of the temple and accordingly the trust started looking after the day to day well being of the temple. The trust also appointed security guards to guard the temple and to secure valuables of the temple such as ornaments, etc. For day to day functions the Pujari and also Mr. Kumar were in touch with the Shree Ramanugrah Trust and Mr. Kumar used to receive the monies for the well being of the temple. The ornament of the temple which was made by the trust was also kept in the custody of Mr. Kumar. The devotees started complaining to the trust about various misdeeds of Mr. Kumar in misappropriation of the funds given by our trust for the benefit of the temple. Shree Ramanugrah trust has been doing similar work of restoring spiritual places – irrespective of religion – in many places all over India, for many years now.

For example: Sukreshwar Mahadev Temple (Kopargaon , Maharashtra) ,
Shri Kalaram Mandir (Belapur, Maharashtra),
Shri Rameshwar Mahadev Mandir (Ishwarigunj ,Uttar Pradesh ) ,
Shri Kartiyayini Kshetra , ( Thrissur, Kerala ) ,
Shri Parihaara Shiva Kshetra , ( Chellakara , Kerala ) ,
Shri Krishna kshetra, (Kadugashery, Kerala),
Our Lady of Good Health (Vishakapatnam),
Various Madarasa’s in Newasa, etc –etc.

In the last five years, Shree Ramanugrah Trust, on the instructions – of its founder and guide – Shri Swami Vinayswaroop Maharajji has spent more than Rs.30 lakhs, on the making of various gold / precious stones studded -ornaments and upkeep of this sacred space. Recently the devotees also anticipated the ulterior motives of Mr. Kumar to conspire with builder Mr. Babulal Verma of Omkar Realtors and Runwal Builders and to demolish the temple for serving their own selfish motive of filling their pockets deep, by harming the devotees and their faith in the temple and also by breach of trust in taking money from the trust for the maintenance and reconstruction of the temple and on the other hand deals with builders to alienate the property in total criminal breach of trust with Shree Ramanugrah Trust.

In doing so he along with the builder attempted to disturb the peace and create communal harmony through threats and assaults to the security guards posted by the trust and trespassed into the temple. The devotees have taken a serious note of the same and along with the trust are filing this present complaint. In the meanwhile we also request you to kindly give police protection to the temple. Please Acknowledge and comply accordingly.
Thanking you, yours faithfully, Place: Mumbai Date: 06/10/10 CC:

• The Asst. Commissioner of Police Division Sion Police Station, Mumbai

• The Dy. Commissioner of Police Zone – Sion Police Station, Sion, Mumbai

• The Jt. Commissioner of Police Bawla Compound, Byculla, Mumbai

• The Commissioner of Police DCB CID, Head Office, Crawford Market, Mumbai

• The Honourable Home Minister Home Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai

• The Honourable Chief Minister Mantralaya, Mumbai

• The Charity Commissioner Worli, Mumbai

• The Honourable Secretary Bhrashtachar Virodhi Sangha(Mumbai office) Samadhan Chs 45/4,2nd floor,Gandhi Nagar, Bandra east.Mumbai-400051

About Save Shree Krishna Temple

Shree Krishna Temple also known popularly as the 'Shiv' Temple. Shree Krishna temple is more than hundred years in existence and there is a great astha of hindus as there are several stories, history which proves that the said temple is in existence for several years. The idols of the temple and their sculptures itself proves that the said temple is a part of antique which is well protected under archeological department. The said temple is also part and partial of Sion fort which is very adjacent and touching the Sion fort of Shivaji Maharaj.
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