Krishna Tales: Krishna is Sarvavyapi

Once, Krishna and His comrades went into a house and brought down the vessel of curds, when the mistress of the house came in.

“Why did you come in she asked?”

“My mother had a stick in her hand so I ran in here out of fear,” Krishna replied.

“Who are these boys?” she asked. “I brought them to bear witness to what I say”, replied Krishna.

“Why have you placed that vessel between your legs?”, she asked in feigned anger.

“So that these fellows may not get hold of the butter”, was the answer.

“Why do you go from house to house and eat the butter from their stores?” asked Yasoda.

“I like only things I select and choose; I do not like to be fed”, replied the boy Krishna.

Krishna could not be confined to one routine. He is sarvavyapi (present everywhere, all pervading); He is bhaktavatsala (kind to devotees).

About Save Shree Krishna Temple

Shree Krishna Temple also known popularly as the 'Shiv' Temple. Shree Krishna temple is more than hundred years in existence and there is a great astha of hindus as there are several stories, history which proves that the said temple is in existence for several years. The idols of the temple and their sculptures itself proves that the said temple is a part of antique which is well protected under archeological department. The said temple is also part and partial of Sion fort which is very adjacent and touching the Sion fort of Shivaji Maharaj.
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