Believe in the powerful light of Unity!

The complete nature of God is a divine mystery in that humans cannot fully comprehend the nature of God. We are too limited in our capacity to comprehend. God Almighty requires that we accept certain things on Faith. Someday, once we have passed from this life, we will fully comprehend. Until then, we must have faith.

We humans can never understand what the almighty has planned for us as we are too small for such an act, but what we as humans can surely do is, have complete faith in him.

In a bid to fulfill his selfish needs sometimes man forgets what he is doing and starts looking for materialistic pleasure. He even goes to the extent of not realizing that he is ignoring his creator in the process. Such is the case with Shree Krishna Temple and we are fighting for it. Will you support us?

One man cannot achieve this, it takes an effort of hundreds, thousands, millions etc. We do not ask you for help, all we are trying to do is spread awareness. If we raise our voice against it, it will be for our own self, because no matter how less we care, we know what is the importance of a holy place, which is a heritage itself.

Jai Shree Krishna

About Save Shree Krishna Temple

Shree Krishna Temple also known popularly as the 'Shiv' Temple. Shree Krishna temple is more than hundred years in existence and there is a great astha of hindus as there are several stories, history which proves that the said temple is in existence for several years. The idols of the temple and their sculptures itself proves that the said temple is a part of antique which is well protected under archeological department. The said temple is also part and partial of Sion fort which is very adjacent and touching the Sion fort of Shivaji Maharaj.
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