Save the Lord

The existence of the Shree Krishna Temple in Sion, Mumbai seems to be under uncertainty with ploys being deployed by authorities to destroy it. Popularly known as the Shiv Temple, it was constructed a century ago and is of a great astha to the Hindus with anecdotal stories and myths relating to it. Off lately a group of local inhabitants have been posing a threat to obliterate the temple to fulfill their selfish needs and materialistic pleasures.

“In line with the changing times and battered temple condition, it was essential to renovate and maintain the upkeep of this place” says a source close to the temple. He further adds “It was Shree Ramanugrah Trust who undertook the temple repairs and also donated huge sums of money to restore the temple to a good condition. It was all good, when one of the members started misappropriation of the trust’s funds for personal benefits”.

It is alleged that there have been constant attempts by one of the trust members in close alliance with a Construction house to demolish the temple for serving their own selfish motive. They have deputed goons who threaten the devotees coming to the temple on daily basis and disturb the peace and create communal harmony through threats and assaults to the security guards posted by the trust in the temple. Activities like drinking liquor inside the temple premise and playing cards are being conducted.

Adding to the woes is the unexpected response of the police officials. Despite regular attempts on the part of temple administration to lodge complaints the police do not accept any complaints and threatens not to file any complaints in future otherwise they will take strict action against the devotees and temple administration people.

About Save Shree Krishna Temple

Shree Krishna Temple also known popularly as the 'Shiv' Temple. Shree Krishna temple is more than hundred years in existence and there is a great astha of hindus as there are several stories, history which proves that the said temple is in existence for several years. The idols of the temple and their sculptures itself proves that the said temple is a part of antique which is well protected under archeological department. The said temple is also part and partial of Sion fort which is very adjacent and touching the Sion fort of Shivaji Maharaj.
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